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Cellsound Body

CellSound Body is a transformational, regenerative body contouring technology that uses neither thermal, cavitation, nor freezing modalities to reduce fat cells in its advanced technique.

Cellsound Define

CellSound Define treats blood and lymph vessels much like CellSound Face to yield anti-aging rejuvenation outcomes (loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks, texture, creepiness, fine lines and wrinkles).

Cellsound Face

The aging of tissue is actually the aging of the cells that build the tissues. Cells, which once divided at a rapid rate, begin to divide at a slower rate, resulting in a reduction of cell functionality.

Ultraslim Facial Treatment

With the noninvasive skin treatment, take 10 – 15 years off your face in only two weeks! UltraSlim® significantly improves your skin and neckline. Maintain your youthful appearance with monthly touch-ups.

Ultraslim Mommy Makeover

UltraSlim® is the most powerful and effective device for noninvasive body contouring and beautiful skin, for any skin type or body type. No dieting, exercise, or downtime are required — you will love the impressive, instant results!

Ultraslim Skin Treatment

UltraSlim® increases the production of collagen and elastin, helping to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of aging. There are zero side effects. People enjoy better and safer results than with injectables like Kybella® or Botox®.

Ultraslim Waistbuster

The WaistBuster is a revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks with no downtime. The WaistBuster achieves immediate fat loss with no exercise, dieting, surgery, or drugs.

Ultrasmooth Green Light Therapy

The green light therapy stimulates lipolysis by penetrating into the subcutaneous fat cell layer, creating openings in the fat cell membrane, and the fat is immediately released resulting in immediate reduction in the fat cell size.

Technology we use

Cellsound Machine


CellSound’s state-of-the-art approach stimulates blood flow, delivering vital nutrients and growth factors to revitalize your skin from within. No surgical procedures or traumatic interventions necessary. Instead, our non-invasive treatment improves your skin’s metabolism, enhancing overall quality and structure.

Prepare to witness a remarkable transformation as our cutting-edge technology stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Say goodbye to thermal injuries or cavitation. Instead, enjoy improved skin appearance, texture, and a softer feel.

But that’s not all. Our treatments also enhance sebum production and boost fat cell
metabolism, resulting in reduced wrinkles and increased muscle volume and elasticity. Rejuvenate your appearance and regain a youthful glow. We prioritize lymphatic flow, flushing out toxins and ensuring healthier-looking skin with a beautiful natural radiance. Prevent cellular aging in your face and neck tissues with our comprehensive approach.

CellSound’s ElectroSonic ResonanceTM technology penetrates deep tissue, treating every cell and associated tissue in your face and neck. Experience maximum results, with improved blood flow and regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Ultraslim Machine


UltraSlim® is safer than any other body contouring technology. UltraSlim® Professional is the only body contouring device that is Risk Group 1, the same risk group as a tongue depressor. All other body contouring devices risk serious side effects and adverse outcomes such as pain, bruising, and swelling. With our dedication to safety, there is no pain, no discomfort, and no side effects. Ask your doctor if you qualify for UltraSlim®.

Ultrasmooth Machine

ULTRASMOOTH – Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite

UltraSmooth™ reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite over just one series of 6 treatments, by reducing the volume of the fat that pushes against the skin and relaxing connective tissue, causing the appearance of cellulite.
UltraSmooth™ is second only to UltraSlim® the most effective noninvasive FDA-cleared device for fat reduction.

The Very Best Treatment For Cellulite.

Forget old-fashioned, painful procedures with time-consuming numbing and cutting of the connective bands.
UltraSmooth™ shrinks fat cells while relaxing the connective bands for remarkably smoother skin.
UltraSmooth™ is non-invasive, with no pain, no discomfort, and no side effects.

Client’s Testimonials

Aditya Burman
Aditya Burman
April 29, 2024
The service was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect. When I came here, the first thing I experienced was just pure relaxation. The vibrating machine, the light therapy and the facial stimulation was great and I could see results almost immediately. I can’t wait to come back and do this again and highly recommend this for anyone who wants and believes in better health.
Hong Yang
Hong Yang
April 24, 2024
My skin felt tighter and my eye bags went away with a few treatments. They have red light treatment which is relaxing!
Zenaida Chia-Presto
Zenaida Chia-Presto
April 22, 2024
I wanted to get tighten my skin without Botox or fillers. They offer options that no other place has. I love the staff and how quick I get in and out
Autumn Navarro
Autumn Navarro
April 19, 2024
Amazing people & amazing place. The staff takes there time to make you feel comfortable & at home with any/all of your concerns. Couldn’t recommend SAS enough!!
Stanford Flowers
Stanford Flowers
April 15, 2024
My abdomen is more defined after undergoing cellsound and red light treatment. I didn’t feel any pain and I was in and out in a hour.
Coreon Johnson
Coreon Johnson
February 27, 2024
From day one from what I can remember being in the icu to moving to med-surg to inpatient rehab to SAS Surgical Dr. Romberg was their bright in early very great, understanding and compassionate spirits he reinsured me that I was in great hands and from my buttocks debridement to wound care he came every morning after that faithful to see how I and the wound was doing and encouraging me that this is a process and it will heal in due time and from the hole in my butt being as big to shrinking down to the size of an halo orange I wouldn’t have it any other way and I want to thank Dr.Romberg and both his teams from ingalls in Harvey to SAS Surgical in Mokena they are they best highly recommend.
reyna “reynaamartinezz” martinez
reyna “reynaamartinezz” martinez
February 18, 2021
Such a great team at SAS Aesthetic! Great results and the staff is simply amazing! Very professional and caring!
Anthony consola
Anthony consola
January 20, 2020
This is the best way to non-invasive liposuction! I came to get rid of my belly flab and I am losing inches with each session ! I also feel good after each treatment- no pain or side effects- I love the results I am getting!

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