Cellsound Define

Most, if not all, circumference reduction treatments involve the removal, damage, or destruction of fat cells. CellSound Define is a transformational, regenerative body contouring technology that uses neither thermal, cavitation, nor freezing modalities to reduce fat cells in its advanced technique.

Instead, Cellsound Define delivers non-focused ultrasound, combined with our ElectroSonic Resonance, which penetrates to a maximum depth of 10 cm within the body. Maintained self-resonance of fat cells in the treatment area enables the release of stored lipid content in an exact imitation of how fat cells would naturally release following 30-45 minutes of aerobic activity. Within 2-3 minutes, fat cells treated with CellSound’s non-focused ultrasound have a maintained self-resonance leading to a significant energy demand that depletes the body’s consumed carbohydrates and glucose, subsequently changing the body’s metabolic fuel to fat.

In addition to fat cells, CellSound Body and Define also treats blood and lymph vessels much like CellSound Face to yield anti-aging rejuvenation outcomes (loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks, texture, creepiness, fine lines and wrinkles). CellSound Define use slightly different range of non-focused ultrasound to not only cause self-resonance on blood and lymph vessels (much like CellSound Face) but also to stimulate self-resonance on fat cells.

Real Results

Cellsound Define BeforeCellsound Define After
Cellsound Body Treatment BeforeCellsound Body Treatment Before
Cellsound Body Treatment BeforeCellsound Define After

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