Cellsound Face

Cellsound Face

The aging of tissue is actually the aging of the cells that build the tissues. Cells, which once divided at a rapid rate, begin to divide at a slower rate, resulting in a reduction of cell functionality. This same process also occurs within the cells that comprise the walls of blood vessels, resulting in a decline in those vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The tissues become thin as a result, and begin a steady decline, losing their ability to perform regeneration. Everything goes into decline: from the level of collagen and elastin to the fat in the fat layer.

‍These aging tissues find it difficult to repair the damage, and along with the low quality of the extracellular matrix, results in the development of scars that can create dysfunction. Studies show that glucose plays a significant role in this process. As the cells age and become dysfunctional, glucose becomes less effective at entering the cells and starts to accumulate in the extracellular matrix. This accumulation increases the number of connections between the collagen and the elastin, resulting in loss of tissue elasticity.

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